Real me c17 Review with honesty

Real me c17 Review 

Real me c17 price and review

Realme launched Realme 5 a little while ago, which, in the price range of Rs 25,000/- to Rs 35,000/-, was offering the best camera experience and according to me, in Rs. 25,000/- price range, Realme 5 was, overall the best phone. After which, Realme 5s came in which, the camera was upgraded and that phone competes in the price range of Rs. 30,000/- And now Realme 5 is updated, and Realme 5i is being launched. And its launch event is held tomorrow, which is 25th February 2020, in Lahore. Realme 5i would be launched with Rs 25,000/- or lesser. And the phone will have 2 colors, Forest Green and our device for today, which is Aqua Blue. And the phone will come with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of Built-in storage. Overall, Realme 5i is like Realme 5 to a great extent, just a few things are changed a little. Let’s see what else do you get in Realme 5i. Let’s move towards the unboxing now. Keep watching! Let’s remove this plastic over the box first, and remove the lid. There is this folder at the top. and positive messaging over the folder, as usual. And this folder includes a SIM ejector tool, Some user manuals, but no silicon protective case over here. According to me, a silicon protective case with the box is a must, especially in this price range. Because most phones of this price range come with a protective case. But still, if we move forward, then here is the handset of Realme 5i. But before getting into it, let’s check out the remaining contents of the box first. There is a 10W charger, which is a positive thing for this price range along with a micro USB cable. Now let’s unwrap the handset and take a closer look at it. We are watching a big change in the looks and design of Realme 5i. There is a very different type of pattern on the back this time. And Realme is calling it a sunrise design. It is very beautiful in looks but very difficult to capture it on the camera. You can see these Moiré pattern designed here. And you can not see it in actuality, it’s only visible because of the camera. The reason for that is this precise circular pattern on the back. And the effect of this pattern is that you see these sunrise rays emerging from the bottom left. And I found this look very beautiful and this design is giving a matte finish to the back and therefore fingerprints aren’t imprinted on it either. The back of the phone is of Polycarbonate Plastic, whereas the front side has a Gorilla Glass. And if we talk about button placements, then there is a Power button on the right side, whereas, on the left, there are volume rockers and a SIM tray. And the bottom side has a speaker grill, Micro USB Port, Mic, and a Headphone jack. By the way, if you are liking this video then give a like on the video. And if you are new to our channel, then subscribe to us and click on the notification bell so that you can be notified of the recent uploads. And one more thing, if you haven’t participated in the Huawei Bluetooth Speaker giveaway yet, then I will the video down. We did a GFX Mentor Studio tour, and there was this giveaway with it, I will select the winner of it soon. So if you want to participate in it, you can. Now we will talk about the specifications and internals of Realme 5i. Here too, we are seeing the same Realme 5 configuration. Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 chipset is given on the phone, which is based on an 11nm architecture. Along with an Adreno 610 GPU. As mentioned earlier, the phone comes with 4GB RAM and 64GB built-in storage. And this phone has full dual SIM support. So you can insert two SIMs, and one 256GB Micro SD card altogether! If we take a look at this configuration, then according to me, this is best in the class configuration. You usually get lower power processors in this price range like Helio P22 And there, the performance of Snapdragon 665 and Andreno 610 excels. If we go through the Benchmark results, then Realme 5i’s single-core score in Geekbench 4, came 1518, whereas the multicore score was 5529. And if talk about Antutu Benchmark, where GPU performance is also included, the score over there, was 169548. If we compare these scores to other phones, you can see that Realme 5i is competing phones in Rs 30,000/- price range as well. So much so, the score of Realme 5i was 1 – 2 thousand points more than the Antutu score of Realme 5s This is a minor difference and it will not affect the overall experience much. If we talk about everyday performance, Realme 5i will handle your daily usage apps very well. I did not feel any lag while using this phone neither any stutter. Alongside, if we talk about gaming, I played PUBG in Realme 5i, and the game ran on low settings by default. But there was no lag in the gameplay, and the overall experience was quite smooth. And lastly, if we talk about the fingerprint sensor, it was very fast and reliable. I did not have any issues with the usage. Overall, I really liked the performance of Realme 5i. According to me, this phone’s configuration is the best in class. You cannot get a better performance in this price range. For gamers, productivity users, content consumers, and for everyone in general this phone can be a good option. Moving forwards, if we talk about this phone’s battery and charging setup, a 5,000 mAh big battery is given on the phone. And although it is the biggest battery in this price range, if we take an overall look as well, then most of the expensive phones are offering 4,000 to 4,500 mAh battery as well Therefore, 5,000 mAh is an excellent size. And with a full charge, this phone will give you 2 days easily. And if your usage is light, then it can give you more as well. And if we talk about charging speed, then fast charging is usually not present in this price range, but as we watched in the unboxing, this phone comes with a 10W power brick which is a very welcoming thing, because most phones in this price range come with 5W power brick. Therefore, with a 10W power brick, despite the unavailability of fast charging, it can be beneficial somehow. If we talk about charging time, the phone will take almost 3 hrs to get empty to full. But once this phone is fully charged, its battery life is excellent. If we talk about the display now, there is the same display in Realme 5i that we have seen in Realme 5. A 6.52 inches IPS LCD Panel is present, which has the HD resolution, meaning 720 x 1600, with the pixel density of 269ppi. There is this dewdrop notch at the top of the display. And top and side bezels are slim whereas the chin is just a little bit wider. I personally do not have any issues with the 720p display of this size. You will not lack any experience in your normal daily usage apps whether you watch videos in it, or play games. Personally, 720p does not bother me that much. And one benefit of that is that the phone has to use low pixels which stresses lower on its processor and battery. Let’s talk about the camera now. Realme 5i has the exact same quad-camera setup which we had seen in Realme 5. A 12MP Wide Angle lens of f/1.8 aperture, an 8MP Ultra-wide lens of f/2.25 aperture, 2 MP macro camera, and a 2MP depth sensor. And on the front side, reduced from Realme 5’s 13MP, an 8MP Selfie shooter of f/2.0 aperture is given. If we talk about video recording, then Realme 5i supports a maximum of 4K video recording resolution. And along with a 1080p video recording, you get an Electronic Image Stabilization as well. But if I give my opinion on camera quality, then according to me, in Rs 25,000/- price range Realme is the ‘Camera King’. Their dynamic range and color reproduction, we have noticed that it is superior to other competitors. And I believe that in this price range, you cannot beat Realme at this moment. I have added some camera samples in this quick review for you, but if you want to watch the in-depth analysis, then I’m linking our Realme 5 vs Redmi Note 8 video down below. You can watch that. You can review camera performance and overall phone performance in a better way. And since Realme 5i and Realme 5 do not have much difference in specifications, therefore their performance would be, more or less, alike. And lastly, if I talk about my conclusion, then according to me, through Realme 5i Realme has maintained its domination in Rs 25,000/- price range, Realme 5i, within this price range, will provide you with a great performance as well. If you want a phone for a camera, or for gaming or for productivity or content consumption, this is an all-rounder phone. That I, personally, can openly recommend to everyone. So if you’re looking for a phone in Rs 25,000/- price range, then I will recommend you to must consider the Realme 5i What are your thoughts on Realme 5i? Do let me know in the comment section below. If you are using this phone, then I would like to know your experience as well. That is all for this video. I hope you liked it. I will meet you at the next one. Goodbye!

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