Samsung a71 review and Changing

Samsung a71 review and Changes

A lot has changed in last 171 days that bringsus to another final review of this phone. This is not going be a typical review, I’monly going to share my personal experience with this handset, so be clear about thatA71 started off as a typical Samsung midranger, but with the updates and improvements in thephone, Samsung has made this phone well worth it. Being the eldest one in the new Samsung Alineup, the A71 introduced the biggest screen and battery in the series at that time. For those of you who have no idea about thisphone, let’s get its specifications out of the way. I have also mentioned how much does this phonecost in different regions as of today. Watch my full and final Samsung Galaxy A71review until the end. If you find my work worth it, please considersubscribing and also hitting the like button. It would be massively appreciated if you guyscan help me achieve my target of 50k subs. 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Especially when you focus on its touch responsiveness,this phone is second to none. The brightness is quite high, but it’s nottoo high, I think there is a slight room for more brightness in this screen. However, for your day to day tasks, this ismore than enough. Color accuracy of Super AMOLED panels is unquestionable. If you just try to knock this screen, youwill realise the premiumness of this panel as it seems too rigid. I wish Samsung had added Haptic Feedback inthis screen, because if we look at the A71’s competitor, which is the Mi Note 10 Lite,that has got the Haptic Feedback. One UI 2.1 on the A71 looks pretty good. Samsung took the criticisim positively backin the day and ended up giving us the best UI for an Android smartphone. With the new update, the A71 got a handfulof new features including the Music Share, and Quick Share feature. The phone still runs on Android 10. A71 also has the Always on display featureto complement that super amoled panel. The phone underneath its screen houses a fingerprintscanner. I have turned off its animation to make ita bit fast. It works smoothly for me. While Samsung has done justice to almost allthe components of A71, where it has compromised first is the build of this phone. The phone brings an excellent design, a shiny/shimmeringback with geomatric patterns casting different shades under light, what I don’t like isthe poly carbonate build, which in simple words is plastic. There is no IP rating either, however thisphone can handle a splash. The frame is also built out of plastic butbuilt beautiful to go in line with the body of the phone and keep a bit of premiumnessalive here. A71 is undoubtedly a big phone so you eitherneed big hands or both hands to use this phone easily. A71 was relatively easy to carry around becauseof its extremely thin body and its light build. The plastic build definitely helps this phoneto keep its weight under control. Another department where I think Samsung hascut the corners is the chipset. A71 is using Snapdragon 730 in most of theregions. I don’t mean to say that Snapdragon 730is not a good chipset, it is definitely among the best ones for midrangers, but the Snapdragon730G for all regions could be better. Snapdragon 730G puts a higher score on benchmarkstoo. A71 lost its speed test to the Mi Note 10Lite just because of this G’s difference. The phone uses Adreno 618GPU. Prior to the One UI 2.1 update, the A71 wasputting up a score of 230K on Antutu for me. After the update, this has jumped up to 250K. You may get higher Antutu benchmark scoresdepending on what temperature you have in your region, so take this score with a pinchof salt. Multi tasking and background app managementis something where this phone would literally crush the competition. An 8 gigabytes RAM is in there powering Samsung’sbest UI. Samsung has added all necessary sensors tothis phone including its dedicated gyroscope, proximity and a handful of other sensors. Gamers are particular going to love this phoneand there are quite a few reasons for that. For example, first of all, you get this hugescreen to play the game. A71 goes up to ultra frame rate in pubg, it’ssuch a treat to play this game on the A71. Graphics are the best in this category, thegame doesn’t lag or stutter for a single time. PUBG is something that I play on the A71 almostevery day. I usually play one match per day and I mustsay that this phone hasn’t disappointed me for once. The cherry on top? Well, this phone doesn’t heat up. Its temperature management is also good. Other than PUBG, COD Mobile is another gamethat I play in my daily routine. COD Mobile offers very high graphics and framerate on A71 and it runs equally smooth too. Let me just give you an idea of the phone’stemperature after my everyday normal gaming session. While I’m talking about gaming, I’d liketo bring your attention to the speaker of this phone. Speaker is not good enough, it produces avery low sound output. To get the best sound experience from gamesor music, I’d suggest putting this phone’s headphone jack to use. You do get a very good headphone in the boxof the phone too. Those of you want to experience the speaker,here you go. A71’s Quad Camera setup was just good backin the day, it was only good until a couple of weeks back. But after the new update, the cameras havesignificantly improved. Samsung has brought all Galaxy S20 exclusivecamera features to the A71. You can find the Single Take, Quick videoRecording, My filters, night time lapse, and an upgraded pro mode on this phone. I had the biggest issue with the limited promode of the phone, previous pro mode didn’t have the shutter speed. Thankfully, all the missing features are here. The best thing that has happened to the A71’scamera is the addition of EIS to the 4K resolution. I don’t believe that the image resolutionhas changed, the A71 takes the best ultrawide photos for a midrange, its normal camera isa great all rounder, especially a great low-light performer, yes, it can over expose some situations. The phone’s live focus works well too. The Macro camera is also something you wouldlove to use. A71’s battery performance varies accordingto your own usage. I have conducted two battery drain tests ofthis phone. In one test this battery went over 9 hoursand it hit over 10 hours in another test. In real life usage, this phone can stay onfor a number of days on standbye. I mostly use the A71 for 1 pubg match, 2 3cod mobile matches, I use the phone in my car for Bluetooth playback, and sometimesI use its wifi hotspot as well. For me, this battery easily lasts for overa day. It easily gives me a screen on time of over4 hours before it falls down to 45 percent, so it can easily provide a screen on timeof over 8 hours with a SIM card inserted and mobile data turned on. I would like you guys to share your batteryusage & stats in the comments below. A71’s 25W Super Fast Charger is amazing. It takes a little over 80 minutes to bringthis battery all the way up to 100 percent. This brings me to the conclusion of this longterm review as well. In my day to day usage, I tend to surf throughfacebook, Instagram, or use the phone to watch videos on youtube. Other than this I play some games or as Itold you, I use it for music in the car. I have been using the A71 along with my GalaxyS10 Plus. The experience for me hasn’t been much differentexcept for the plastic build of the A71. Had Samsung used a glass build on this phone,the A71 could have become the top-choice for everyone. I don’t think that this is it for this phone. The A71 has come a long way, and there isstill a long way ahead. If someone from Samsung is listening to me,here is what should be improved in the Galaxy A71. The A71 still doesn’t have 1080P @ 60FPS. We had the same Samsung GW1 Sensor on lastyear’;s Redmi Note 8 Pro and even the new Redmi Note 9 Pro has the same sensor, andboth phones support 1080P @ 60FPS videos. So Samsung, look into that. The Pro Mode of this phone still doesn’tallow lens selection, I believe this feature should be there. The Pro mode can still not capture raw images,we deserve this feature too. Samsung can further improve the performanceof this phone. Galaxy A71 will easily make up to Android12 and I am pretty sure this phone will get the One UI 2.5 soon too. The way Samsung has improved this phone sofar and I hope continues improving it, this phone can easily last for up to 2 years foran average user. This brings my review to an end. Feel free to share your thoughts and feedbackin the comment section below. 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